Exhibition of mosaics of Aquileia South-Halle
18 September 2017
Litei reliefs of St. Marco Basilica
18 September 2017


Acquedotto Claudio
art restoration
“Acquedotto Claudio”
mosaics and archeological artifacts
Commissario Delegato per le Aree Archeologiche di Roma e Ostia Antica
construction supervision
Arch. Giacomo Restante
The archeological restoration of the claudian acqueduct was an important project for the recovery of 8 roman period Spans made of tuff and brick. The processes were performed by our expert technicians through a careful technical and structural evaluation of different problems related to the Monument. We have created specific mortars for the stucco works and we accomplished the consolidation within the cave installing a special metal frame. Our team of skilled technicians concluded brightly the restoration of pre existing parts. We carried out plant settings, the roofs, the plumbing, the doors and the wooden finishes.