Church of St. Francis “della Vigna”
19 September 2017
Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle
19 September 2017


Villa della Regina Great Hall
art restoration
“Villa della Regina - Great Hall”
17th century
wall paintings
Strada Regina Margherita n. 40, Torino
Soprintendenza al Patrimonio Storico, Artistico e Demoetnoantropologico del Piemonte
construction supervision
Arch. Federico Fontana
Baroque decorations renovation of the main hall of the Villa: works by Giambattista Crosato, Giuseppe Dallamano e Corrado Giaquinto. The intervention regarded philological restoration of the murals, starting from the original conditions of the handmade articles, for which all overlapping subsequent interventions followed over the last decades have been removed. Other important interventions have been achieved; consolidation of the paint film with barium hydroxide and washing operations by laser. To complete the hall we also restored the wooden balconies with wrought iron railings and with gold leaf details. We also renovated the wooden doors’ decorations and the liteo floor slate tiles.