Church of the Our Lady of Holy Sepulcher
19 September 2017
St. Biagio Church
19 September 2017


Saints Cassiano and Cecilia Church
art restoration
“Saints Cassiano and Cecilia Church”
XVI - XVII centuries
Curia Patriarcale di Venezia
construction supervision
Arch. Fabiano Pasqualetto
Conservative restoration of vaults of the aisles decorated by Cedini, with marmorino stucco and plaster dating 1790. The main phases of this intervention was the realization of a static consolidation of the extrados (beams, ribs) and the intrados of decorated ceiling by detachment or sharing of particular parts of dangerous plasters. The decoration of stucco missing sections are made using a strong stucco copying from casts derived from non destructive molds in silicon rubber, while parts of fitoformi were handshaped. The conservation work also involved all the parietal works preserved in the church such as the paintings by Tintoretto, wall paintings, the wooden choir with organ and stone altars.