Saints Cassiano and Cecilia Church
19 September 2017
Madonna enthroned with Saints
19 September 2017


St. Biagio Church
art restoration
“St. Biagio Church”
Caltana di Santa Maria di Sala (VE)
2006 - 2007
Parrocchia di Caltana
construction supervision
Arch. Enrico Merlo
Restoration of the marble and marmorino interior decorations. This work was divided in several stages: securing and consolidating of detached portions, cleaning of the stucco with suitable products after sampling process and integration of missing parts according to the traditional venetian method. The restoration involved the whole church: the choir, the frames and the crown of the pulpit, that was realized in golden painted wood, Carrara marble altars, statues and architectural elements decorating the façade and the external prospect.