Former barracks Palestro- The musical conservatory “L. Campiani”
15 September 2017
Vangadizza Abbey – Barchessa
15 September 2017


Borgo Servi Real Estate
finishing and fittings
“Borgo Servi Real Estate”
Portobuffolé (TV)
2015 - 2016
Comune di Portobuffolé
construction supervision
Arch. Fabrizio Volpato
The structure of buildings named “ Borgo Servi” in Portobuffolè has been completely restored. Our aim was to create a cultural and touristic center. After this intervention in the structures of this ancient settlement found completely abandoned, we payed attention to the interior finishes. The laying of wooden floors, fixtures, and the attention to small details, made possible to highlight its modern functionality emphasizing the ancient characteristics of the structure.