Paleochristian Museum of Aquileia
18 September 2017
Acquedotto Claudio
18 September 2017


Exhibition of mosaics of Aquileia South-Halle
art restoration
“Exhibition of mosaics of Aquileia South-Halle”
di Aquileia
mosaics and archeological artifacts
Aquileia (UD)
Fondazione Aquileia
construction supervision
Arch. Giovanni Tortelli
Redevelopment of the Basilica spaces by exposure of Early Christian artefacts, belonging to the old South-Halle. The construction of a new museum with external constructive elements in analogy to the walls of the Baptistry and of the Church (Aurisina stone, mellow bricks and Muggia stone). We rebuilt the flooring and the outdoor exposure of archeological roman elements in order to renew them. Pope Benedetto XVI during his visit on May 7th 2011 named it as a sacred and worship place.