Villa Angerer
18 September 2017
Ca’ Giustinian – Hall of Columns
18 September 2017


Historical site of the Venice Chamber of Commerce
art restoration
“Historical site of the Venice Chamber of Commerce”
pottery and glass art
San Marco, Venezia
C.C.I.A.A. di Venezia
construction supervision
Arch. Sandro Peritore
All the decorative and complementary elements on the Building façade were subjected to an accurate restoration. The recovery of small external lanterns after having classified and removed into an office of the laboratory. The different phases of work involved the restoration of the metal part and the cleaning of blown glass parts, both internally and externally in order to relocate them. The stained glass windows underwent a complex renovation: the disassembly of the windows cataloguing and numbering of each glass. The new warp of lead was rebuilt and the plugs cleaned. We integrated the missing parts with glassy material very similar to the original ones. The intervention has also affected the stone doors elements, windows and shutters, everything shaped in Aurisina stone, the iron rails, the bronze inscriptions and wooden doors.