Venetian Monuments for the 150 years of Italian Unification
18 September 2017
Historical site of the Venice Chamber of Commerce
18 September 2017


Villa Angerer
art restoration
“Villa Angerer”
pottery and glass art
Sanremo (IM)
Comune di Sanremo
construction supervision
Prof. Arch. Paolo Portoghesi
The tiled panels on the façade of Villa Angerer were realized by the Saissi Company in Mentone, by Galileo Chini After we cleaned and removal of old stuccos we started the restoration renovating vary carefully the paintings with suitable colours. We also provided for the reintegration using fiber glass. We also restored the stained glass. The, we completely restored Villa Angerer operating on interior decorations, stucco elements, decorated doors. We also restored external facades, waterproofed the terraces and retrieved the old flooring.